Nightengale of Samarkand (nightengalesknd) wrote in jewishbyculture,
Nightengale of Samarkand

Passover Compromise

Passover starts at sundown tomorrow. My favorite holiday!

Every year I face the dilema, to what extent do I rid my kitchen of everything leavened and anything that COULD leaven. I don't eat any of these things for the duration, but due to financial reasons and the general squick of wasting food, I often just ignore them or put them into a box in another room for the week.

The compromise this year seems to be tossing actual leavened things, like bread, and keeping leavanable things, like rice. I'm also keeping a few unopened packages of cookies and crackers. I am somewhat comforted by the notion that the original matzoh did in fact contain natural yeasts, it was just cooked before they had a chance to take effect.

So, do you ignore Passover? Follow it to the letter? Eat ham and cheese on matzoh?

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