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jewishbyculture's Journal

Culturally Jewish
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Hi! We are a group who feel that Jewishness is an important part of our cultural heritage, even if we don't have a particular interest/belief in the religion.

I keep running into people who say "oh, I'm not religious (or not religiously Jewish), but I consider myself a Jew". There seem to be a lot of us, especially in my generation (grandchildren of the Holocaust generation).

So I made us a community. A place where we can get together and talk about our family histories, our unique humor, our food... pretty much anything about being culturally Jewish.

I especially want this to be a place where we can discuss things that might make our more faith-oriented Jewish friends/family uncomfortable. So far everyone I know who might join this community is an atheist, and a lot of us feel torn between respecting our traditions and not wanting to pay lip-service to a religion we don't believe in. I suppose the same is true for Jews who have converted to other faiths.

Of course, religious Jews are more than welcome here as well, as are members of all religions. However, please don't use this as a forum to try and convert anyone. Anyone being intolerant or disrespectful of others will be asked to leave.

I haven't done much with this community yet-- it's pretty much a "placeholder" until I can put some more stuff together. Suggestions for profile edits and discussion topics are very welcome!

Suggested reading:
"Saving Remnants: Feeling Jewish in America" by Sara Bershtel and Allen Graubard